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November 2023

History Lesson 101

Do you recognise this old boiler? Find out how it ended up on East Beach...

Blue Flag Status Awards

Our GM, Claire Wright, received the Marina's certification at the annual Blue Flag Awards...

Blue Flag Programme

RAMHOA hosted a workshop with SAIAB for learners from Kuyasa Combined School...
RAMHOA is always a keen supporter of the NSRI, and will have a 'watering hole' on the course at the NSRI Golf Day on Friday, 24th November. It would be great if the many golfers on the Marina could get together in support of the NSRI for a fun round of golf.
Marina Gin Festival
Marina Gin Festival

The Halloween Express

Our littlest residents took to the streets for a fun-filled sunset Trick or Treat adventure...
October 2023
The Wednesday Wonder Women enjoying tea and tasty treats, crafts and charity work, and plenty of great conversation.
September 2023

Universities Boat Race 2023

Competitive rowing on the Kowie...
Update: Marina wine-tasting experience.
August 2023

Invitation for Marina Residents

Exclusive! Complimentary! Don't miss it...

Marina Branded Hats

Beautiful lightweight Fedora hats, perfect for our beautiful sunny days. Available at the Marina office.

Estate Upgrades

The Marina road upgrades are underway...
July 2023
A typically gorgeous sunset looking up the river to Port Alfred's iconic hoop bridge. Photo taken by Alida Taylor.
A stunning and rather unusual shot of the sunrise fighting off the storm to brighten the day. Photo taken by Claire Wright.
June 2023
Marina Whiskey Tasting

Hospice Fundraiser

Do the Grandon Fun Trail Run for Hospice...

Tourism Newsletter

What's happening on the Sunshine Coast...
May 2023

Marina Team Competing!

Join us for the PA Corporate Tennis Cup 2023.

Chad Le Clos honoured

Annie de Wet Steyn names rare clivia...
Gorgeous sunrise captured on the Marina webcam! Click this
icon to see the sea. Anytime.
March 2023
The RAMHOA Team officially welcomes Matthew Knowles and his dredging team to our staff complement.
February 2023

New Photo Gallery

Some Marina history in pictures...

Marina News

No EIA required to build on our Marina...
Hospice Fundraiser
January 2023

New RAMHOA Email Addresses

Please update your Contact lists...

December 2022

July - December Gallery

The Marina in the 2nd half of 2022...

NSRI Santa

Santa & his Elves brought gifts to the Marina!
Holiday Greetings from RAMHOA

Port Alfred Restaurants

All PA's Eateries with phone numbers...
What's happening on the Sunshine Coast...

Ndlambe Phone Numbers

Direct contacts for various local services...

WWW Christmas

Wednesday Wonder Women Luncheon
Marina AGM at 10h00 on 20 December '22. Any homeowner who has not received the document packs, please call the office ASAP.
November 2022
Book now for Friday 25 November, 18:30, in the Clubhouse. Bring your own drinks.
October 2022
Hospice Golf Day Fundraiser...

Marina Staff Appointments

Message from RAMHOA's Excom Chairman...
Invitation to the NSRI Golf Day Fundraiser...

Tourism Newsletter

What's happening on the Sunshine Coast...

Presentation on 05 November

Don't miss Marion Whitehead's talk...

Invitation to Marina Residents

Find out about Pilates on Friday, 21st Oct...

Marina Ladies

Quilts made with love for Loaves & Fishes...
September 2022

Catch of the Day!

Seal showing off his catch to residents...
Book now for the dinner on Friday, 23 Sept...


Read the latest Tourism newsletter...

A Fisherman & his Bird

A magical journal entry by Athol Trollip...

U3A Newsletter

Fascinating talks planned for September...
August 2022

Friends of Water's Meeting

Don't miss the Friends' Thicket Festival...


Read the latest PABF/SCT newsletter...

Help Make a Difference

Join Port Alfred's residents association...

No Limits Challenge

Marina residents are invited to participate...

Invasive Birds

Products to assist in bird management...

Marina Journal

Spotlight on some of the Marina Team...

U3A Newsletter

The end July Newsletter for Port Alfred...

Congratulations New NSRI Crew

Marina residents join the NSRI...

Royal Alfred Marina History

Photos of the Marina under construction...
July 2022

Invasive Birds on the Marina

A message from the Marina Manager...

Members Newsletter

The latest PABF/SCT newsletter...

Portuguese Celebração

Book now for the dinner on Friday, 22 July...

Beach Patrol Update

Multi Security launches the beach patrol...

Sunshine Coast newsletter

The latest issue with the July events & news.
June 2022

Small Vessel Safety Officer

Contact details for local boat Surveyor...

Calling all Dads

A message for fathers on the Marina...

Members Newsletter

The latest PABF/SCT newsletter...

Media Article

Great piece about our gorgeous Marina...

Winter Warmer Dinner

Book now for the dinner on Friday, 17 June...

It's Playtime!

A new Jungle Gym for our little residents.

Sunshine Coast Unplugged

The latest newsletter with the June events.
May 2022

Marina Journal

Our Team's photo journal for May.

Change of Season

You know it's the end of summer when...

Eastern Cape Marathon Champs

The Kowie Paddling Club is racing 28-29 May.

Business Forum Beach Patrol

Please support beach patrol initiative.

Presentation: "Use of Plants?"

04 June '22. The Ploughman, Bathurst. 10:00.

Presentation: "Nostalgia Unplugged"

12 May '22. Settlers Park. 16:00 for 16:30.

Unusual Visitors in the 'Hood

Shark and its pup up the Kowie River...
April 2022

New Photo Gallery

Stunning photos from January - April.
PABF & Sunshine Coast April newsletter.
The Marina Management team wish all our homeowners and their families a lovely Easter weekend.

Marina Social Club

08 April 2022. Clubhouse. 18h00.
Easter events on the Sunshine Coast.
A magnificent Silver Steenbras, caught by Jackie Windt off his jetty and safely released (click for full view)

Dredger Moving

The dredger is relocating from the river.
March 2022
April events on the Sunshine Coast.

Presentation: "It's About Time"

24 March 2022. Settlers Park. 9,30 for 10.

Community Outreach for SPCA

Appealing to Marina residents for support...

Marina Nursery

Compost is available from the Marina nursery. Sieved @ R40 and unsieved R30.
To order contact Sue on 072 358 8918.

Marina History

The Marina dredger - then and now...
February 2022

Local gets Gig on Safari TV Show

Featuring Marina resident, Tessa Woollgar...

Talk of the Town

New blood and ideas infusion for PARRA...

RAMHOA Broadcast

Census officials will be collecting data here on 16 - 18th February. A security guard will accompany them around the property.
January 2022

Scientific Research

What research is being done on the Marina?

PARRA Water Report

Feedback on Port Alfred's water situation...

Marina VIP!

It's a pleasure to meet Charlotte...

December 2021

Marina Nursery Sale

Plants available at R25,00 each from 10:00 - 11:00 on Wednesday 29th and Friday 31st December. Don't miss out!

Kowie Striders

The Kowie Striders' Fun Run on Family Day...


Meet all your representatives for 2022..
We want everyone to have fun out on the water but please adhere to the WAKE FREE rule in the canals for everyone's sake.

RAMHOA Broadcasts

The latest on Marina services and schedules...

PARRA Water Report

Feedback on Port Alfred's water situation...


Marina AGM at 10h00 on 21 December 2021. Any homeowner who has not received the document pack, please call the office.

NSRI Santa is coming!

Get ready for the NSRI Santa on the 24th...

Schools Regatta

The annual Schools rowing regatta...

Holiday Events Calendar

It's all happening on the Sunshine Coast...

Waters Meeting

Water flowing over the weir...

Amanzi Challenge

Rubber duck racing on the Kowie...

Public Event

Sunday, 05 December, 11h00. West Beach...

Impressive NSRI on the Move

After escorting the PE to EL Canoe Race...

December Calendar

Calendar of events...

RAMHOA Message

Marina AGM at 10h00 on 21 December 2021. Any homeowner who has not received the email notice, please call the office.

Summer Launch

Invitation for 03 December, 12h00...
November 2021

WWW Christmas

Wednesday Wonder Women's lunch...

It's Raining!

Celebrating 76mm in 2 days...

Service Notice

18 Nov. 20h48: Unexpected delay...

East Beach

Four-legged happiness...

RAMHOA Welcome Message

Welcome to the Marina online...

Club Pool Makeover

Resurfaced and ready for summer...

Marina Nursery

The Marina nursery is bulging with a varierty of seedlings and compost ready for sale in December.

Dredger Location

Message from management: The dredger has moved to the river until mid-December.

Beach Encounter

This curious little fellow spent a relaxed morning watching the comings and goings on East Beach.
October 2021

Amazing Catch

Josh Leach's catch off the East Pier...

Canal Explorer

Spotted in the Marina canals...

Annual Visitors

The Marina welcomes back the Egyptian Geese, a family of goslings is an iconic sight at this time of year.

SA Bodyboarding

National championships in Port Alfred...

October Calendar

It's happening on the Sunshine Coast!

Universities Boatrace

Exciting Annual Boatrace on the Kowie...
September 2021


25/9. The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards for PA and Kenton were held at a full-day summit in the Marina Clubhouse.

NSRI Caution

24/9. The carcass of a whale with a shark escort was spotted off-shore. It finally beached just east of Port Alfred.

Spring on the Marina

Why travel all the way to Namaqualand?

New Signage

The new Royal Alfred Marina signage is complete and making a statement outside our entrance.

Fish Eagle Encounter

An unusual sighting on the Kowie of one fish eagle attacking another. The victor tried to carry off it prey, but dropped it.

Pool Makeover

Here's the "before" shot - the clubhouse swimming pool has been stripped of its old marbelite prior to resurfacing.